The V8 is used to treat viral illnesses such as infectious bronchitis (IB), Newcastle disease (ND), the common cold, and influenza.

It can be used to cure cold-pungent diaphoresis, clear heat, get rid of pathogenic bacteria, reduce inflammation, and strengthen the immune system.

Product Description

Nutritional herbal remedies for various animal diseases.

Animals have an inherent instinct for herbal medication of their health problems. The V8, that consists of herbs like Isatis, Scutellaria, Forsythia, and Dyers Woad Leaf have medicinal values to treat various diseases that can affect animals.

The V8 is used to treat virus diseases of common cold, influenza, Newcastle disease (ND), infectious bronchitis (IB), etc.

It can treat cold-pungent diaphoresis, function as heat-clearing, eliminate the microorganisms that cause diseases, serve as an anti-inflammation agent and enhance the immune system.

500ml / 1000L of drinking water or as advised by a veterinarian.

V8 ANTIVIRAL is packed in 500ml bottles.

• For animal use only.
• Store in a dry and dark place.
• Avoid direct heat and sunlight.


Form Liquid
Product CodeUNIGP017