UNIVITAM is a well-balanced vitamin and amino acid supplement for preventing and treating deficient symptoms.
• increases egg production and weight gain.
• aids in the recovery of poultry from stressful situations, particularly heat stress.

Product Description

A well-balanced formula of vitamins and amino acids.


Vitamin A10,000,000 IUVitamin C10,000 mg
Vitamin D32,000,000 IUNicotinic acid30,000 mg
Vitamin E10,000 mgPantothenic acid1,000 mg
Vitamin K31,000 mgFolic acid500 mg
Vitamin B11,000 mgDL-methionine20,000 mg
Vitamin B25,000 mgL-therionine1,000 mg
Vitamin B62,000 mgL-lysine10,000 mg
Vitamin B12100 mgL-tryptophane1,000 mg
Biotin500 mgPropylene Glycol50,000 mg



UNIVITAM is a balanced formula concerning amino acids and vitamins for prevention and improvement of their deficiency symptoms.
• enhances weight gain and egg production.
• helps the poultry to overcome stress condition especially heat stress.


Poultry: 1ml / 4L drinking water.
Cattle: 2ml / 80kg b. wt. for 3-5 days.
Calves, Sheeps and Goats: 1ml / 50kg b. wt. for 3-5 days.
Camel: 10ml / 500kg b. wt. for 3-5 days.


UNIVITAM is packed in 500ml and 1L bottles.


• For animal use only.
• Store in a dry and dark place.
• Avoid direct heat and sunlight.