Uni-Chol 60

  • Act as a lipotropic agent and stop the aberrant fatty infiltration in the liver (fatty liver syndrome)
  • Ensures the body’s healthy metabolism and efficient utilization of nutrients.
  • Assures the nervous system of the animal is functioning properly.

Product Description

Growth promoter, for mycoplasma and respiratory illnesses.


  • Corn Cob, 60% Choline Chloride Carrier, >= 90% Particle Size (Pass 800um Mesh)INDICATIONS
  • Controlling ailments like perosis and enlarged livers in chicks.
  •  Act as a lipotropic agent and stop the fatty liver syndrome (abnormal fatty infiltration in the liver).
  • Ensures that the body is functioning properly and that nutrients are being used effectively.
  • Ensures the nerve systems of the animals are operating properly.


  • 500gm per 1 MT of finish feed, consistently for 1-3 weeks.


  • In 25kg sacks, UNI-CHOL 60 is packaged.


  • Only for use on animals.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunshine and heat when storing.